Board Game Club

Board Game Club is a club dedicated to introducing people to and playing boardgames. We offer a wide array of boardgames and card games, like Settlers of Catan, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons and many more! Got a boardgame that you've always wanted to try? Simply bring it with you to any of our meetings and try it out! Where do we hold these meetings? LS502 from 6pm to 9pm every Tuesday. Come whenever you want, and leave whenever you want. So whether you want to play Candyland or Blood Rage, we got you covered!

Check out the Board Game Club's collection of rentable games.


  • William Fritze - President
  • Owen Steen - Vice-President
  • Ethan Stevenson - Treasurer
  • Dr. Michael Hancock-Parmer - Alternate Advisor
  • Michael Santoroski - Co-Advisor
  • Scotty Smith - Co-Advisor